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BCM Advanced Research
An Industry Leader Since 1990 in Industrial Motherboards & Systems
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About Us

Who we are and what we do?
Introducing BCM

Manufacturing Industrial Motherboards and Systems Since 1990

BCM Advanced Research is a global supplier of motherboards and single board computer products for the industrial, OEM/ODM and embedded PC industries. Founded in 1990, a member of the Intel® Communications Alliance (ICA), BCM has 17 years experience in motherboard design and manufacturing especially for many Fortune 500 OEM’s. We specialize in providing custom and off-the-shelf motherboards and manufacturing while saving you money and providing a valuable service.  BCM advantages that we emphasize on long lifecycle, customization, revision-control, local engineering and design support, and offer far greater flexibility and value when compared to other embedded board manufacturers.

How BCM Can Service Your Company:

We are one of the world’s largest industrial motherboard manufacturers. When combined with our industrial system integration capabilities we offer our customers a turn-key stable computing platform they can build their business around. Our capabilities to provide the following services are:

  • Complete turn-key design and manufacturing services for Industrial Motherboards or Barebones/Systems where:
    • The customer defines the specification
    • The customer maintains ownership of the design
    • The BCM design team is based in our Irvine, California location
    • BCM ensures the design can achieve a minimum 5 year lifecycle prior to last-time-buys.

  • Both our Industrial Motherboards and Industrial Barebones/Systems:
    • Have a 3 to 5 year plus product lifecycles guaranteed
    • Are designed for 24-hour operation - 365 days per year
    • Can be customized specific to our customer’s requirements
    • Have a US based design and project management team in Irvine, CA
    • Are manufactured in our own off-shore factory for competitive pricing
    • Have Holistic BOM & Revision Control

BCM Qualifications:

BCM Advanced Research is a California corporation with over 17 years experience designing and manufacturing custom and standard computer CPU and peripheral controller boards. Our focus is on the industrial and embedded PC industry and our products and operational procedures are designed to meet the stringent criteria of our customers whose products often operate 24-hours per day – 365 days per year, and exceptional quality, extended life cycle, customization, rigid BOM control, and manufacturing flexibility are required. Our commitment and success in this industry can be found in many of the everyday products you encounter including VOD systems, arcade games, self-service Kiosks, security systems, POS systems, digital copiers, automated lottery systems, horse wagering machines, slot machines, and medical imaging and diagnostic machines. Many of our customers are fortune 500 companies.

Established in 1990, BCM Advanced Research has grown rapidly in the computer motherboard industry, transforming itself from a high-volume manufacturer for many of the top brand name personal computer companies of the 1990s to a recognized value leader for companies looking to reduce costs yet maintain product stability in their PC based/controlled products. This niche has made us the choice vendor for many of the volume-oriented manufacturers that integrate PC assemblies into their equipment where unique form-factor, 24/7/365 operation, harsh operating environments, and 5 year plus product lifecycles are required.

The commitment and the value we bring, in addition to our first class design team and manufacturing, is demonstrated in the below additional qualifications:

  • ISO 9001-2000 Certified
  • Strict ECO/ECN Process: BCM Advanced Research has a strict policy restricting any hardware, firmware, component, or driver change without official notification through our formal Engineering Change Order process. Without exception, all engineering change orders on customer boards require formal customer endorsement before taking effect. Few companies can guarantee such stringent control.
  • 100% Factory Burn-in or JTAG testing: Included in our quotation is a 100% factory burn-in or JTAG testing for each board prior to shipping. This quality measure minimizes the chance out of box failures and reduces RMA overhead.
  • Intel Schematic Design Review: As an Intel® Alliance Member, BCM may request Intel® to review any of our Intel technology based designs during the schematic phase prior to layout and gerber.
  • Designed for 24/7 Operation: The high-grade components we use, combined with the high density component placement in our designs, separates our system boards from the standard commercial boards designed for 9-to-5 use in a non-challenging desktop environments. Our system boards are designed for 24/7 operation in non-optimum conditions.
  • Local Software and Hardware Engineering Resources: BCM has a staff of hardware and software engineers located in Irvine, CA to interface real time with our US based customers during the design and qualification process as well as to provide continued post-design support which is far superior than relying on offshore engineering.
  • Local Logistical Support Team: BCM has local resources available to communicate real-time on logistics including but not limited to materials purchasing, shipping, scheduling, sourcing accessories such as custom cables, addressing quick-turn requests, printing labels, documentation, RMA, and many other items.

Industries Served By BCM

BCM’s commitment and success in this industry can be found in many of the everyday products you encounter including VOD systems, arcade games, self-service Kiosks, security systems, POS systems, digital copiers, medical imaging and diagnostic machines, automated lottery systems, horse wagering machines, cash dispensing machines, and slot machines. Many of our customers are fortune 500 companies.

Vertical Market Focus

• Diagnostic Equipment
• Imaging Printer
• Patient Monitoring System
• Ultrasound
• Surgical Instrumentation
• Physician System
• Carousel

• Lottery Terminal
• Slot Machine
• Player Tracking System
• Hand-held Device
• Casino Management System
• Jackpot Display Systems

• POS Systems
• Kiosk

• Test and Measurement
• Industrial Control

• GPS System
• Vehicle PC

Special Applications
• Voting Machine
• Ruggadized Devices
• Set-Top-Box


Why Consider BCM Advanced Research?

You have several options when partnering with a vendor for a computer system board whether it is an off-the-shelf product or a custom design. We think there are several good reasons for learning more about BCM Advanced Research. Here are a few of the more important reasons:

  • BCM can custom design and manufacture a main computer system board based on your specific requirements incorporating the latest technologies at a terrific price.
  • Our track record and customer list exemplifies our ability to deliver a custom designed PC board assembly to our valued customers. We commit to:
      • Delivering a design that meets the specification
      • Delivering a product of the highest quality
      • Delivering product on time and according to production schedules
      • Delivering a product at a fair and negotiated price
      • Delivering the product for a minimum of 5 years
  • To ensure the highest quality we incorporate 100% functional burn-in or JTAG testing.
  • The importance we place on your business will be evident in our total responsiveness to all of your requests no matter how small.

Thank you again for considering BCM Advanced Research as vendor for custom, off-the-shelf, or contract manufactured computer system board assemblies. Please feel free to let us know if you require further information.

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